Cook and Eat Cooking classes for Kids


The Little Gourmet Chef courses are designed to help young chefs explore cuisines while building on basic skills.
Time in the kitchen with kids is more than just cooking - learning to share,waiting for the end product, cooperating with their peers,
measuring, being creative, following instructions is just the beginning of what kids would learn in the cooking classes.

They also learn basic cooking and baking techniques. They will get hands on experience in preparing,handling and cooking food.

The young chefs will work with their peers while following a recipe and learning kitchen safety.

Little Gourmet Chefs are placed in small groups by age to experience learning at just the right level. They eat the food they prepare
at the end of each class. Our chefs receive recipe cards for everything they make to try it at their own leisure for themselves and
for their family.

The Little Gourmet Chef classes are designed for children in order to offer a well-rounded approach to teaching children
the skills necessary to develop their love of cooking.

Little Gourmet Chef classes are kids cooking classes which are fun and fantastic.